Job Vacancies

  • We accept applications from seafarers with relevant maritime service all year round.
  • Senior Marine Deck and Engine Officers are encouraged to apply.

Application Process

  • Secure and application form that is available in our office, or download it from this website.
  • Carefully fill up the application form with your personal data, qualification documents, contact details, and past maritime experiences.
  • Submit your completed application form via e-mail or to our friendly office staff.
  • Shortlisted applicants should be ready for their interview schedule when our office contacts them.


  • Not more than 55 years old
  • With at least 1 year sea service on-board offshore vessels
  • With valid travel and qualification documents

Applicants must present:

        a) Finished application form
        b) Proof of the applicant's qualifications
                   - Valid training certificates
                   - COC (Certificate of Competency)
                   - For those applying as officers, PRC License and Endorsement
                   - SRC (Seafarers Registration Certificate
        c) Travel Documents
                   - Passport that is valid for a least a year
        d) Sea Service Certification from previous agencies
All approved candidates should have their requirements ready for submission, be cleared by the company's accredited clinic, and comply with all the requirements for deployment.
Prior to departure, the candidate must attend the in-house Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS).
Sailors who are scheduled for deployment must be ready for dispatch and report to the office at least a day before their departure date.
Apply Online without Position required Click Here.
Position Requirements Slots Available Date Posted Tentative Deployment Date
Ordinary Seaman
1 11/05/2014 12 Dec 2014 Apply
Able Seaman
06/23/2013 Apply
06/22/2013 Apply
Chief Cook
06/22/2013 Apply
06/21/2013 Apply
06/20/2013 Apply
06/19/2013 Apply
4th Engineer
06/18/2013 Apply
3rd Engineer
06/17/2013 Apply
2nd Engineer
06/16/2013 Apply
Chief Engineer
06/15/2013 Apply
3rd Officer
06/14/2013 Apply
2nd Officer
06/13/2013 Apply
Chief Officer
06/12/2013 Apply
06/11/2013 Apply